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Luxembourg: A smart guide to the Grand Duchy of one of Europe’s smallest countries!

  So last week I wrote a sombre post about the earthquake in Italy. But you know what? Just because Italy had an earthquake doesn’t mean that Italy is over! Quite the opposite! We’re Europeans! We don’t let little things like natural disasters or…

How to visit Copenhagen on a budget. Even though I missed my last connection. Again!

So last week’s post was pretty grave. We had a heap of terrorist attacks all over France and Germany, so it just had to be written! And as I indicated last week, I can’t tell you what to do, or advice you as to…

Astonishing news! I’m going to the Philippines and I’m organising a Summer European Challenge Campaign. By train!

My! What a year! As far as travel is concerned, it’s been fantastic! And as far as my personal profile is concerned, it’s been on a continuous rise! So let’s see how we’re doing…! I became the media darling of the German press last…

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